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SOS Rescue Tools Makes Push to Become Amazon’s Number 1 Survival Gear Supplier

SOS Rescue Tools' Magnesium Fire Starter and Emergency Mylar Thermal Blankets
SOS Rescue Tools Makes Push to Become Amazon's Number 1 Survival Gear Supplier. SOS survival gear is currently sold on

Palm Springs, CA – SOS Rescue Tools, a global supplier of rescue tools, auto safety tools and survival gear has made quite an impact in the world of emergency preparedness. The company started in 2013 and is currently focused on bringing its ideas and innovations to the Amazon Marketplace. With the yearly increase in natural disasters coupled with a growing population, the need for SOS type equipment is increasing as awareness becomes more mainstream.

“Our new company was developed to help people protect themselves in horrible situations. Ideally, and hopefully, nobody will ever have to use our products. But, that is not realistic” said William Douglas, SOS Rescue Tools Executive. “Let’s face it, there’s a pretty good chance that every one of us will face danger at some points in life. The question is, will you be prepared? We want everyone to answer YES. Our goal is to provide top quality survival gear at prices that make sense.”

SOS Rescue Tools Top Selling Amazon Products

Emergency Safety All Weather Mylar Blanket (Available in 1, 6 and 12 Packs)

One of the leading causes of death and/or suffering is from extreme heat or cold. In these cases, an SOS Rescue Tools Emergency Mylar Thermal Blanket can mean the difference between living and dying. They will retain heat when it’s cold and deflect heat when it’s hot. There are also hundreds of practical ways one can use Mylar blankets around the home or when in the wilderness.

“These arrived quickly and take up so little space. They are a part of the winterization of the car, home and hiking/camping gear. Emergency Blankets are an essential part of our preparedness pack in the event of an unthinkable emergency.” – Angie Menk, Coachella, CA

Fire Starter Magnesium - Emergency Blanket - Bottle Opener Survival Gear Pack

In an emergency, a fire can mean the difference between life and death. The SOS Magnesium Fire Starter and Emergency Blanket is an easy way to ensure that you have maximized your chances of survival in extreme weather conditions. Quickly and safely start multiple fires in virtually any weather conditions.

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“Super-fast delivery. Got it the next day! Took it in the back yard and it worked like a charm. Also happy with the free emergency blanket. You never know when it will come in handy.” - Hugh Donaldson, Kansas City, MO

Safety Triangle Emergency Blanket Kit - 17 Inch Safety Warning Roadside Triangle

In the event of a roadside emergency, a warning device for oncoming traffic can mean the difference between LIFE and DEATH. SOS Rescue Tool's Safety Triangle Reflectors - Emergency Blanket is the ideal tool for all vehicle owners. With a sturdy design and all weather emergency blankets included, SOS' kit significantly increase your chances of staying safe until help arrives.

“Nice product! Nicely packaged and the two bonus emergency blankets are a great thing to have in your car. I like the plastic container so as not to break it in my messy trunk. It set up in a snap as well. I’m very happy with this tool. I feel safer already.” – Randy Aliza, San Francisco, CA

SOS Rescue Tools was founded in early 2013 and is headquartered in Palm Springs, CA. The company is focused on providing Elite Service and top quality Survival Tools at prices that make sense.

SOS Rescue Tools are currently sold exclusively on

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