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The MicroPlanet Voltage Regulation Products Receive CSA / EN / and UL Standards Certifications

Seattle, WA ( August 16, 2012 – MicroPlanet Technology Corp. ("MicroPlanet" or the "Company"), (TSXV - MP & OTC - MCTYF) a provider of smart grid and power quality technology, which significantly increases efficiency, quality, and conservation of electricity, is pleased to announce it has received TUV SUD America Inc. certification to multiple global standards for four of its next generation three phase voltage regulation units which represent the new product lines for both 110 volt and 220 volt systems.

The products were tested and certified to the following standards:

- CAN/CSA C22.2 No. 14:2010
- UL 508A/R:2010-02
- EN 60204 – 1/A1:2009
- (supplemented with IEC 62103:2003)

The following products were certified:

- The 50 Hz 3P-230Y400V system rated for 175 Amps focused on both commercial and distributed energy integration applications for 220 volt jurisdictions including Australia and the EU
- The 60 Hz 3P-120Y208V system rated for 300 Amps focused on commercial power quality applications for 110 Volt jurisdictions including the USA and Canada
- The 60 Hz 3P-120Y208V system rated for 400 Amps focused on energy conservation applications for 110 Volt jurisdictions including the USA and Canada
- The 60 Hz 3P-277Y480V system rated for 150 Amps focused on pump and HVAC applications for 110 Volt jurisdictions including the USA and Canada

These products are now ready to be commercially deployed to offer viable, cost-effective solutions for a variety of applications. All of the systems are 3 phase systems designed for commercial markets and were certified to all the noted standards. The certifications permit sales and installation in jurisdictions including Australia, Canada, Europe, the United States and British Virgin Islands, and many other jurisdictions that recognize these global certifications.
"The certification of these commercial voltage regulation units is the culmination of many years of hard work by our dedicated staff and is a very important milestone for the company," said Brett Ironside, President & CEO of MicroPlanet. “These new units represent completion of the redesign of our product suite to include the new features and attributes end users were asking for. This redesign includes full data and communications smart metering features, improved power quality correction features, bi directional functionality, and a standardized common component platform. MicroPlanet has proven its technology the past years, most recently being highlighted in a report presented at the World Renewable Energy Forum in Denver Colorado by the National Renewable Energy Labs (NREL) on MicroPlanet’s successful deployment for the Solar Decathlon. We now have the ability to commercially install these new products and prove the commercial business case and economic value of this technology. We will now focus our efforts on installing units with industry leaders in Australia and the United States specifically targeting iconic reference and testimonial customers that could install our technology in large scale. Our success in this objective will completely change the scope and potential of MicroPlanet as markets recognize the ramifications of this commercially viable energy saving and power quality improvement technology,” concluded Mr. Ironside.

About MicroPlanet Technology Corp.

MicroPlanet solutions improve power quality and save energy by dynamically managing incoming voltage to a home or business through the use of patented, advanced power electronics. MicroPlanet’s technology has been deployed in seven countries by more than 20 utilities, the U.S military and multiple commercial customers to save energy, improve power quality and grid efficiency and to facilitate the integration of renewable energy sources, including solar and wind. MicroPlanet is based in Seattle, WA and is listed on the TSXV trading under the stock symbol: MP.


MicroPlanet Investor Relations:
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MicroPlanet Technology Corp.


OBX Boatworks to debut New 2013 Models

Expansion of product line with new Express, Walkaround and Center Console models.

HIGH POINT, North Carolina ( ) August 16, 2012 - OBX Boatworks LLC - After the successful launch of the 32 Express at the 2012 Miami and Palm Beach Boatshows, OBX Boatworks is expanding their line up with several new models for 2013.
New for 2013
! 38 Express
! 38 Walkaround
! 32 Walkaround
! 32 Center Console
! 26 Center Console
OBX Boatworks launched the 32 Express to kick off their product line up and the reception to the new boat was excellent. The 32 is a perfect family weekender and fishing boat and has been a successful first launch for OBX. The 32 factory showboat has been fishing tournaments around south Florida and has returned to its North Carolina home in Ocean Isle Beach,
NC. The 32 model will be expanded into two new models, the 32 Walkaround and 32 Center Console. These models are designed for the hardcore fishing crowd and should be ready for a late 2012 debut.
Our customers were also asking for a larger model that could be used for extended cruising and fishing trips. Based on the demand, OBX is going forward with two new 38’ models, a 38 Express and 38 Walkaround. The 38 Walkaround and 38 Express will be offshore fishing machines with the high end comforts of a cruising yacht. They will blend the best of both worlds in an easily managed package. The craftsmanship that was shown on the OBX Express, set OBX apart from the competition at the 2012 boat shows. The 38 will take this quality to a new level. The cabin will be custom yacht quality and innovative.
Also new for 2013 will be a new 32 Walkaround and 32 Center console as well as a 26 Center Console. The 32 WA will be an express hybrid that will feature a generous cabin but retain all the 360’ fishability of a center console. The 32 and 26 center consoles will round out our 2013 line and offer customers a great selection of fishing and cruising boats from 26 to 38 feet.
About OBX Boatworks
OBX Boatworks has been building custom wood boats out of Harkers Island, NC for over 15 years and is taking its heritage of design and performance and constructing its new models out of fiberglass. Fiberglass is the best construction material to build boats from says Brad Flater, president of OBX. Fiberglass brings many advantages to boatbuilding and is what our consumer is asking for. Fiberglas offers low maintenance, superior strength and allows me to bring a tremendous value to the consumer. OBX Boatworks is manufacturing in the previous home of Hatteras Yachts in High Point, NC.
OBX Boatworks LLC ( manufactures composite boats under the trademark “OBX Boatworks”. Established in 2009.
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Brad Flater ( President )
OBX Boatworks LLC


Simple Materials Traceability for Food Processors

MILLBURY, MA (  August  16, 2012 - One of the big fears for many small and mid-sized food processors is that they get a shipment of contaminated ingredients or that some employee makes a critical mistake that results in defective or contaminated food products being shipped to customers.

If the company does not have good records as to what ingredients went into which products, and to which customer the products were shipped, the company can be forced by the FDA or the USDA to recall every product they have made that is still in the supply chain. The cost of this recall and the damage to their reputation can easily put a small or mid-sized food processor out of business.

BellHawk Systems now offers a simple-to-use software solution at a cost starting at under $300/month. This software can be installed at each company’s own processing plant or used as an on-line service over the Internet. This solution makes use of barcode scanning technology to enable easy capture of the traceability data. It stores the materials traceability data in an electronic database for rapid recall when needed.

The system produces three primary reports, as Excel spreadsheets:

  1. Trace forward from a Julian date lot number and product code, to all the customers who received the product.
  2. Trace back to all ingredients by supplier and lot number that went into a specific batch of product.
  3. Trace forward from a defective or contaminated ingredient to all batches in which this ingredient was used. 

By making use of barcode tracking technology and mobile devices, production workers and material handlers are able to easily capture materials traceability data in real-time. This data then enables food processors to rapidly carry out recall practice drills as well as to quickly respond to real emergencies.

Most importantly, the BellHawk solution enables food processors to minimize the cost and damage to their reputation when a recall is required by limiting the scope to just those products that are defective, rather than doing a massive recall.

Recently, it cost one small food processor over a million dollars to recall products, when they used some contaminated peppers as an ingredient. When compared to this, $300 a month is a small price to pay for minimizing the scope of the recall.

For more information, please see or call 1-508-865-8070 and press “1” for expert assistance.

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Co-Founder of Global Mission for Children is Interviewed on Global Talk Radio

James Miller of Global Mission for, a nonprofit organization funded by the founders, was interviewed on Global Talk Radio.

Bradenton, FL ( August 16, 2012 - Today, James Miller was interviewed by a premier online media organization Global Talk Radio.

The discussion focused on how was founded. GMFC was founded after James’ good friends Pastors’ Wilson and Andrea Westphal returned from a two week mission trip to serve alongside friends of theirs on the island of UNO off the coast of Guinea Bissau. You can listen to the interview here. He explained the there is not nearly enough food, diseases that are killing 24,000 people which equates to 800 people per day in Africa alone,75% of these deaths are children. James states “These deaths are the equivalent to 100 fully loaded commercial flights crashing in one day killing everyone on board. There would be non-stop press coverage and action would be taken immediately to remedy this horrible problem. Well in essence that is what’s happening and for the most part it goes unnoticed and not nearly enough is being done about it”. He explained the missionaries in detail stating Jose &SirleneElison arrived on the island 8 ½ years ago with their 1 year old son. This in an incredible act of kindness and their dedication and strength comes directly from God. There is no way one could serve on a desolate island in the middle of the ocean on their own strength without blessings from God. They have given up their entire life to serve these forgotten souls. They have built 6 schools, 6 churches and a small un-sanitized medical room where they help medicate 10-40 people each and every day. Jose Elison states “unfortunately there is simply not enough money to help all the people that are hurting. Most all these deadly diseases are curable and for just a few dollars these precious children can live a healthy life. I have a background in medicine as I graduated with t nursing degree”. His wife Sirlene had a degree in teaching and has been instrumental in education 465 children on a daily basis from preschool to the 5th grade. “We need much more money to educate these children through high school so they can lead a productive life for the very 1st time in the history of Guinea Bissau”, Niger and Nepal. GMFC is unique as 100% of all donations go directly to their mission fields to help children that are starving, diseased, lost and enslaved in Guinea Bissau & Niger Africa and Nepal Asia. The poorest countries in the world. What James explained is in one word Unbelievable. He used an example of a horrible witchcraft cult where Mothers, Grandmothers and Aunts bring their 12-15 year old little girls to waiting men in the forest where they perform horrific acts. Rapes, beatings branding and total brainwashing are some of the rituals performed. When the girls return from these “rituals” you can see in their eyes they are broken and brainwashed. The girls also must do all the work like fetching water, which in most cases is 25 pounds, from the well and carrying it long distances. The men are in total control. GMFC is changing this as we bring people to Christ.

James discussed how the mission was founded and how the dedicated founders are funding GMFC out of their pockets and explained the grave statistics about the continent of Africa. He also noted they have just broke ground on the nearby island of Formosa. They are building a church and a school and are using the model from the island of UNO to serve the people on this island. For the 1st time these people have someone that really cares about them and you can see their eyes light up as they have hope for the first time in their lives.

The goals of GMFC are having all 600 children sponsored by the end of 2012 and thousands more on the 18 remote islands off the Guinea Bissau coast by the end of 2013. GMFC offers a “child sponsorship program” where the donor can donate $1 per day to help these children. It does not seem like a dollar per day would help but food only costs 20 cents per meal, rice and beans, and a teacher’s salary is $100 per month. That is a great salary considering the average person in the regions GMFC serves the average income is well under a dollar per day.

The full interview is now posted and available for on-demand streaming, youcan hear the full 10 minute interview by clicking here.

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James Miller
Global Mission for Children


Don’t Forget Your Passport Buddy!

Keep your essential documents safe when you travel.

Rochester NY ( August 16, 2012 - Maybe your dream vacation is a bustling European city, the green hills of Ireland, or a beach in Costa Rica, but while you’re enjoying the shopping, food and photo opportunities, your holiday could turn into a nightmare. What would you do if your passport or credit cards became lost or stolen while abroad?Don’t think it could happen to you? Let’s take Costa Rica as an example. In 2010, over 1,500 U.S. passports were reported lost or stolen to the U.S. Embassy. That’s an average of four passports per day, many of which were stolen while being stored in a handbag or purse.

The U.S. Department of State’s Bureau of Consular Affairs advises travelers to keep passports and credit cards concealed in a pouch beneath clothing.

Keep your important documents secure with StoreSMART’s Passport and ID card holders. These can be worn around the neck on a lanyard and safely tucked away beneath clothing. Storing your valuables this way will keep them from being easy targets for pick pockets and purse-snatchers.

The holders are made of durable vinyl with a black back, so their contents can not be seen through clothing. They also feature a water-resistant zipper closure, which will protect the contents from moisture and debris.

Our customers have been delighted with the dependability of these holders. “We opened and closed these things constantly. We folded them in half, sat on them, stuffed them with money, credit cards, coins, and basically put them through the mill for the duration of our trip, and not once did a drop of water or sand enter these holders. They’re very durable, and a great way to carry your passport around without LOOKING LIKE you are carrying your passport around,” said Lina Guzman of San Jose, Calif., who purchased the covers for a five-day cruise.

Not going abroad? Use them for vacations to the beach, clubs or casino to protect cash, licenses and hotel room keys. Are you an outdoorsman? Keep your fishing and hunting licenses right at your fingertips. Use them to store maps for camping and road trips. Have your family wear them at the airport, so they can have tickets and identification ready for airport personnel. They also make a thoughtful gift for a foreign exchange student or a traveling friend. We also offer clear, wrap-around covers to protect your passport.

You’ve no doubt heard of the buddy system. Let our Passport holders be your buddy, and don’t leave home without them!
To obtain FREE samples for review by your publication, contact or call 800-424-1011 x 9208. See for high-resolution publication images.

Item #DescriptionDescriptionPrice
SPCR1596ZIPSPassport Holder with 36” black lanyard3⅞” x 5⅜”$5.99 each
LY3578ZIPSID Card Holder with 36” black lanyard2½” x 3⅞”$4.49 each
Clear Plastic Passport Cover - fits passports up to 3⅜” x 5”
$6.38 for 2 – since 1971. Providing 40 years of the finest products to store, distribute, display, file, and organize for home, office, educational, and industrial markets.

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